Kehoe Myers’ Civil and Hydraulic Engineering team are currently working on a rural subdivision.

Stage 1 and 2 construction will start in September 2018. These stages will deliver 10 and 27 lots respectively with a large detention basin.

The site at Plainland is 43.88 hectares with the subdivision to be released in 3 stages. There are 62 lots over the 3 stages with lots starting at 1 acre in size.

The site provided some challenges due to large external catchments and lot configuration. Our engineering team made adjustments to the layout of lots to allow the external catchment to be conveyed and optimal drainage for the subdivision. Further challenges arose with regards to the dispersive soil. Our team determined a treatment using geofabrics provided the necessary erosion control in these areas.

Constructions for stages 1 and 2 is expected to take approximately 4 months. This subdivision provides the Lockyer Valley region with beautiful large blocks to support the growth in the area.