Kehoe Myers’ service station portfolio continues to grow with our team undertaking more than 20 service station projects.

Our engineering team works closely with all external consultants to deliver the service station projects with the utmost care to our clients. We now have a team specialising in these style of projects, and who are familiar with regulatory requirements across many regions in Australia.

These projects span across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. Our team supports the client in civil, structural and hydraulic engineering services for the service stations. Which commences from due diligence, development approval, building approval and construction phase services.

Each service station project has its own challenges dependent on the location, Local Authority requirements, topography and soil conditions. One particular service station at Echuca in Victoria where the local Council has strict requirements on allowable stormwater outflow from the site which ultimately flows to the Murray River. Our team designed the surface levels in a hump and sag fashion so that storage could be provided above the stormwater grates to fill up after rainfall events and allow the stormwater to slowly outflow to Councils requirements. This solution ensured the design met Council conditions and provided the site with adequate stormwater drainage. The Echuca service station is currently in construction and due to be completed in the second quarter of 2019.

Kingaroy service station is currently in construction. It was found during design that there was a large external catchment that flowed through the site and during construction phase there are high water table issues. Our expert team designed a solution for stormwater drainage and levels that would convey the external stormwater catchment without affecting neighbours properties during design phase. During construction we provided additional subsoil drainage, changed backfill around stormwater pipes and pushed down stormwater pipes to control subsoil drainage issues. This project provided further challenges with regards to the soft soil on site. Our engineers determined screw piles provided the most beneficial solution for providing adequate bearing from the soil to hold up the structure.

Our service station portfolio is another example of our team’s expertise in complex sites extending beyond the Toowoomba region.