Sanctuary Rise Development is a residential subdivision, delivering 311 lots over 6 stages. It was designed to enhance economic productivity and affordable living within the community of Toowoomba.

The elevated aspect of the subdivision atop Cranley escarpment provides commanding views however, it also presented some unique challenges to the design team that required significant innovation and “out of the box” thinking to address. These challenges were met with engineered retaining walls keyed securely into the founding bedrock, and innovative stormwater drainage solutions.

With regards to stormwater drainage solutions, the management of overland stormwater flows such that runoff volumes down the escarpments did not exceed those experienced prior to the development. The remainder of the developed flow was piped to multiple detention basins within the nature reserve at the bottom of the escarpment, which have been fully landscaped to blend into the reserve environment. The basins’ design incorporates tenable water quality bio-retention components to outlet stormwater in a much environmentally better way.

Sanctuary Rise provided challenges with regards to the steep escarpment but our team embraced the challenges to ensure the development was constructed in a safe and sustainable manner.