Green buildings are becoming more popular as people see the immediate and ongoing value of choosing “green”. Designs are considering energy efficiency, air quality and natural lighting. Designs also consider sustainable building materials and approaches. Our team has expertise in sustainable engineering and construction.

Kehoe Myers has been fortunate to not only be involved in composite fibre projects, but to also be on the committee for developing the Australian Standards for using the material in reinforcement.

Composite fibre is being used in many of Australia’s leading industries. Preliminary calculations suggest using composite fibre over steel will provide a 1 in 5 cost advantage over steel; and has a 50% less carbon footprint than steel.

We also have a keen interest in timber constructions that have many benefits including: lower construction costs and lower environment impacts than steel or concrete.

There are numerous ways your project can be made more sustainable. Talk to our Engineering team today about sustainable construction material and sustainable design.

Some of our Projects:

• Nevertire Solar Farm
• Kiamal Solar Farm
• Oakey Solar Farm
• Susan River Solar Farm
• Wellcamp Airport Bridge – Carbon Fibre construction
• Maroochy Wetlands Boardwalk – Carbon Fibre construction
• Anzac Memorial Boardwalk – Carbon Fibre construction
• Ripley Road Bridge Restoration – Carbon Fibre construction
• Nobel Street, Wilston Bridge – Carbon Fibre construction
• John W Mott Bikeway – Cabon Fibre construction

Additionally, we’re on the committee for developing the Australian Standards for using composite fibre material in reinforcement.