Kehoe Myers recently added to their portfolio of sports stadiums/centres with the new Toowoomba Grammar School Stadium.

The TGS Stadium is an impressive building with 2 large basketball courts expertly engineered above a large open space that accommodates 5 indoor cricket pitches. The upper level basketball courts are surrounded by elevated spectator seating, classrooms and staff rooms.

The Civil and Structural Engineering undertaken by our team was complex. The lower level was cut 10 metres into the existing oval on one side. The retaining wall was engineered to be independent of the building and used slip joints to allow movement without impacting the building. The retaining structure also needed to be carefully considered to enable linking between new and existing retaining walls. 

The structural engineering components of the building were also complex. To enable the open space, our team determined that large-span composite beams provided the ideal structure. This approach allowed open space for the cricket pitches whilst providing superior support for the basketball courts above. The engineering also required careful consideration of accurate deflection for the specialist sports flooring. The sports flooring laid by specialist contractors used more than 10,000 packers to provide the all-important floor levelling for the sports courts.

The site constraints added challenges that our team embraced with full enthusiasm. Wilson Architects did a wonderful job in ensuring the existing character of TGS remained whilst providing functional modern space for current and future students. Our team enjoyed the problem-solving process associated with this project and continue to add to their portfolio of sports stadiums including St Ursula’s College Salo Centre and the Glennie School Sports Stadium (currently in constructions).